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Mashed Potato Seitan Burritos

i Love burritos.中 i Love seitan.中中 i Love mashed potatoes.中中中 I Love them more TOGETHER.   This is one of my Go-To Meals (i know… every meal is my Go-To Meal, I have a lot.), for my post workouts, and honestly pre-workouts on my strength focused days. It’s so convenient to make and tastes amazing, […]

Sweet Cranberry Walnut Veggie Salad

I talk a lot about the making sure your daily meals consist multiple servings from Plant-Based Food Groups. The Primary Plant-Based Food Groups Vegetables 它 Fruits Legumes Grains Nuts & Seeds This is the most effective way of eating to make sure you’re consuming well-balanced meals to meet your daily nutrients […]

Vanilla Cranberry Pecan Protein Balls

Out of ALL of the Protein Snacks I’ve made so far, this is def the best. Not only are they extra 休休 TheseVanilla Cranberry Pecan Protein Balls are extremely Filling! You’ll love em even if you’re not vegan/plant-based. Also, I came to the realization that everybody’s not a chocolate fanatic like me, so I decided […]

High Protein Vegan Spaghetti

A couple days ago, I realized that I havent had spaghetti over a YEAR! (Prior To being plant-based) WAYYY OVERDUE So I made some tonight. On my Strength Focused Training days, I split my meals into just 2 big ones, for the whole day (using intermittent fasting). Im a volume eater, so I prefer […]

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