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Najee Kelley

I’m sure you already understand how difficult it is to find and stick to a plan that works for your life. Or maybe you've found one, but your life and schedule has changed, so you can't follow it anymore... We're Determined to Fix this once and for all...

The BBP Pocket Coach

The Leading Online Plant-based Nutrition, Training, and Lifestyle platform that equips you with all the tools, strategies, programs, and support you need to finally lose fat, build muscle, and...

Develop the Daily Habits and behaviors to stay fit, lean, and plant-based for life.

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Nutrition & Muscle Gains on AUTO PILOT

Built By Plants

This is my Go-To Guide that I've developed along my plant based journey to rebuild my health and body. I've taken all of the research, knowledge, and strategies that I've learned and condensed it into an entertaining, informative resource guide for you.

Learn what to everything you need to know about thriving on a plant based diet, how to create your meals on a day to day basis to optimize your health while rebuilding your ideal physique.



Start Progressing with our Live Group Training sessions. Join from anywhere and get live feedback, encouragement to stay focused, and connection with the growing community. We will work with you to include live sessions as part of your overall fitness plan.

All you need is your computer, phone, or tablet to turn any room into your new gym. Select Your Training Plan, Download our app and take us with you on the go. You can even invite a friend to one of your sessions.

Short On Time? Only 20 mins to workout?


The Body Rebuild 12 Week Transformation program will not only help you to Rebuild Your Dream Body, but Also Your Health and Self-Confidence. No Gym Membership or Equipment Needed.

Thinking about Going Plant-Based? 

Don't know where to start?

When I first went plant-based, I basically ate the same thing every day. Because I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

Soon after I got tired of spinach and a "meatless" chicken pattie I found, I started studying and learned about all of the amazing meals you can have.

This is the guide I needed when I first got started, let me save you some time and unnecessary mistakes. 

In this Free guide, you'll receive fundamental nutrition advice, a breakdown of plant-based alternatives for animal products, my weekly grocery list, and a few of my GO-TO recipes to get you started.

Trying to lose fat but don't know where to start?

I got you, we have programs and courses designed to fit every lifestyle and experience level. If you're brand new to Built By Plants, we recommend starting with the Burn Fat With Plants Challenge.

This is our 30-day challenge where we give you a Jumpstart course into our BBP strategies that will have you losing fat, getting stronger while enjoying delicious plant-based foods

Burn Fat With Plants 30 Day Challenge by Najee Kelley