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Chipotle Seitan Tacos

  This is one of My Go-To Muscle Meals and are hands down my favorite tacos. Actually, anything with Seitan is my favorite. WHAT IS SEITAN? Pronounced “say-tan,” Seitan is a traditional Japanese food made by rinsing the starch away from wheat and retaining the protein. With an impressively meat-like texture and robust flavor, Seitan is […]

Epic Vegan Crunchy Tacos!

Waddup ! So it’s been over 5 years since the last time I’ve had Taco Bell. With me being plant-based, it’s not even an option anymore… Or is it?   I whipped up these super easy to make vegan tacos last night, give them a try! This is a dope dish to have at parties/get-togethers […]

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