Najee Kelley

No matter how you feel about yourself and your body right now, no matter what you’ve been through and no matter how much knowledge you may currently lack… It’s never too late to REBUILD your body, mindset and health for the BETTER. A little bit about me, My name is Najee Kelley. I’m the previous…

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How to make Long Grain Brown Rice in your Instant Pot

What is Brown Rice? Brown rice’s meaning in Chinese is “rough rice”. It’s unpolished whole grain rice – the bran, germ, and aleurone layer are not removed like the regular polished white rice we eat. Brown rice is the same grain like white rice, but it’s more nutritious with more nutrients and high in fiber. Normally it…

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/Walnuts

Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes

The first time I tried these was back in Chicago at Whole Foods. It was love at first bite 😉 Mashed sweet potatoes are probably the most underrated dish out there. Literally. I had them about 3 times in total from there before I started thinking, “Why not make your own???” Then I replied, “That’s some…

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Gotta GO! 10 min Full-Body HIIT Workout

Najee Kelley bodyweight training outside

Short on Time? Neeed a quick but effective workout that builds muscle, increases strength and performance, and burns calories? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is where it’s at. Interval training combines strength training and cardio for an all-in-one total-body workout. When we use this style of quick intervals, you’ll the benefits from a beasty workout in…

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15 min Fat Burning Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

You want to start working out but don’t have the time. Or don’t know how to start? Or you’re just not a fan of big box gyms. OR MAYBE, you’re always on the go, from city to city and state to state. Whatever the case, you don’t have to let any of the above be an…

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