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Gotta GO! 10 min Full-Body HIIT Workout

Short on Time?

Neeed a quick but effective workout that builds muscle, increases strength and performance, and burns calories?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is where it’s at.

Interval training combines strength training and cardio for an all-in-one total-body workout.

When we use this style of quick intervals, you’ll the benefits from a beasty workout in only 15-20 minutes. On top of that, this workout requires ZERO equipment.

You can do it in the gym, at a park, your hotel room, wherever.

Here’s the circuit: Do 4-5 rounds. If you want a challenge, rest 10 seconds after completing each exercise and 45 seconds after completing each round.

Prisoner Squat: 10 reps

Decline Pushup: 10 reps

Burpees: 10 reps

Bench Dip: 10 reps

Mountain Climbers: 10 reps

Bicycle Crunches: 10 reps


Prisoner Squat

Decline Pushup


Bench Dip

Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Crunches

Keep track of your progress.

Time yourself during this workout, then compare your future times so you can see how much stronger and efficient you’ve become.

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