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3 Benefits of Honeydew Melon


Soooo Honey Dew Melon 🔥🔥
You might hear me talk a lot about having GO-TO snacks, well this is definitely one of my new ones.

I might have tried it like once when I was a shorty lol, but I bought one yesterday after researching the benefits.

It lasted in my possession all of four minutes LOL.

First off,

What Is Honeydew?

Honeydew melon, also known as honeymelon, is a member of the Indorus group of Cucumis melo, which also includes casaba, canary, and Santa Claus melon. Its size usually ranges from small to medium, and it comes in a round or oval shape with a weight of around 4 to 8 pounds.

Honeydew melons are often thought of for having green flesh and yellow skin, but it comes in other colors and textures as well. Some have a bright yellow skin due to a mutation, while others have an extra-sweet orange flesh. A distinctive variety of this fruit is called golden honeydew because of its bright golden-hued skin and crisp, white flesh.




Tryna lose some fat?? These melons are extra low in calories. 100 grams of melon contains ONLY 34 calories, and rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Let me put that into its proper perspective for you.
100 grams of melon is 34 calories.
12 grams of Oreos (or just 1 Oreo) is 55 calories.

The concept behind weight loss is to eat FEWER calories than your body needs to maintain it’s current body weight.
So, by eating foods LOW in calories, but HIGH in nutrients, you can eat MORE of them, which helps you stay full longer, which helps keep you from overeating.

Makes sense???

It’s also rich in fiber that can help with food digestion.



Mogul Naj eating Honeydew Melon

This melon is literally 90% water, and also rich in potassium that makes sure the body has regular water levels.
So, if you’re someone who has trouble drinking your daily requirement of water, try juicing one of these to keep your body hydrated, plus it tastes good in general.


Mogul Naj holding Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon has Vitamin C that helps control collagen production and growth in the body.
Collagen is the protein that plays a big role in keeping the skin healthy, looking young and on point, because it repairs and nourished the skin tissues and blood vessels.
Collagen basically beautifies the skin on a cellular level.

4. Promotes Healthy Eyes And Vision

Honeydew melon juice contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which are phytonutrients and required for healthy eyes. Daily consumption of this juice improves vision and also reduces the risk of cataract and eye infections.

So simply put,

  • If you want that GLO from the inside out
  • If you’re looking for a new GO-TO snack for fat loss
  • If you want all of the benefits I just laid out above…


Start eating that honeydew melon.

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