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Vegan Fat Loss Myth: “If you Eat a Whole Food Plant based diet, You don’t need to count calories.” AKA Clean Eating

Many vegans and Plant based eaters often think and preaach that if you just eat a “clean WFPB Diet” you will automatically lose weight because you’re consuming all of your calories from healthy, nutritient dense foods. Now, there is some truth to this as a lot of healthy, nutritious foods are ridiculously filling and have […]

Najee Kelley

No matter how you feel about yourself and your body right now, no matter what you’ve been through and no matter how much knowledge you may currently lack… It’s never too late to REBUILD your body, mindset and health for the BETTER. A little bit about me, My name is Najee Kelley. I’m the previous […]

How to make Long Grain Brown Rice in your Instant Pot

What is Brown Rice? Brown rice’s meaning in Chinese is “rough rice”. It’s unpolished whole grain rice – the bran, germ, and aleurone layer are not removed like the regular polished white rice we eat. Brown rice is the same grain like white rice, but it’s more nutritious with more nutrients and high in fiber. Normally it […]

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