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5 Easy Morning Habits for Simplifying Weight Loss

“You are What You Repeatedly Do”

The first step to making progress with weight loss is to look at your current daily routine. What habits do you currently have that aren’t serving you towards accomplishing your goal??

Losing a few extra pounds doesn’t always have to be a complete makeover to life, but it’s a good idea to be Objective and figure out the routines you have that are causing you to gain weight.

In my experience, you can’t get rid of bad habits, you can only replace them with better ones. SO, let’s start with making a few small changes to your morning routine can help you lose weight and keep it off.

I’ve laid out 5 simple morning habits to implement into your routine to simply your weight loss efforts.

1) Drink H20 first thing AM:

Starting your morning with a glass or two of water is an easy way to enhance weight loss. Eventually, you’ll be aiming to drink around 16-32 ounces first thing in the morning, but I’m all about building habits and consistency first.

This is a habit I picked up and practice every morning before brushing my teeth, before my coconut oil coffee, before I do ANYTHING. This helps fire up my metabolism, hydrates me, helps my body flush out toxins, gives the brain fuel, and will help you eat fewer calories.

Water can help increase your energy expenditure or the number of calories your body burns, for at least 60 minutes. Drinking water may reduce appetite and food intake.


2) Weight Yourself:

Prior to eating, after going to the bathroom, weight in. Stepping on the scale and weighing yourself each morning can be an effective method to increase motivation and improve self-control. This helps you make more conscious decisions throughout the day, due to you knowing your goal, along with your current weight. Weighing yourself every morning can also help build more healthy habits and behaviors that may promote weight loss.

The key is to do it the same way every day, meaning don’t weight today at 9:15 am, with clothes on, after you’ve used the bathroom. And Then weight in tomorrow naked at 10:45 am before you’ve used the bathroom. Keep it consistent, and don’t beat yourself up over the number you see on the scale. We’re using this as a tool, the number on the scale doesn’t always tell the whole story.


3) Water On The Go

Piggybacking off of number 1, drinking water helps you avoid consuming extra calories in form of other high-calorie beverages. The reasoning for this simple, when we stick to water (at least for the most part) and drink more throughout the day, we feel fuller and which translates to not eating as much.

So fill up your water bottle every morning, and take it everywhere you go. Also, drink about two glasses of water even before you step out to start your day 😉


4) Pack Ya Snacks!

As I talk about in my free guide, 5 Habits for Burning Fat Now, it’s essential to have your Go-To Snacks. In the same way that a car needs gas, we also need to be fueled up routinely. So if you’re a snacker (like myself), find some low calorie, GO TO snacks (preferably vegetables) that you can bust out and demolish at will lol. Pack them in the morning before getting your workday started. Mine happens to be carrots or sliced up cantaloupes.

Think of some healthy snack choices you’d enjoy instead of reaching for unhealthy sweets, as the majority will only increase your cravings, leaving you wanting more and still unsatiated. You don’t have to stick to the same snacks if you find it to be too boring, choose a variety of Go To’s and switch it up throughout the week.

Keep it fun, trying some new healthy recipes to restrain yourself from falling back into old habits of unhealthy but very tempting options lying all around. This habit alone can save you an extra 200-300 calories per day.


5) Go for a walk:

Don’t overestimate the benefits of this habit, I’ve never been a big fan of walking up until recently. A simple 30-45-minute walk in the morning is something that I now practice. It’s a great way to set the tone for the day, burn a few calories and just put your thought into perspective.

It keeps me motivated throughout the day knowing that I’ve already burned some extra calories. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found is that morning walks are one of the best ways to improve your mood. This can translate into having a positive attitude before work if you’re dealing with a stressful environment. Plus walking it’s very low impact, so you won’t be tired in the morning as an effect from doing so.


Are you already doing some of these? Let me know below which of these habits you’re going to start implementing today.

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