How to Whitelist My Emails (and Any Others that You Want to Make Sure You Get!)

Spam is EVERYWHERE these days and email providers are doing everything that can to protect your inbox from being a target by sending it to the “Spam” folder or even blocking it altogether.

Which is a great thing, but sometimes the robots that guard your inbox aren’t always accurate. They make a mistake and send the Good stuff that you actually want to the spam folder, without even asking you first.

To keep this from happening, all you have to do is: Add me to your “whitelist” or “approved senders” list. This will let your inbox know (with just a click or two) that you actually want to get my emails.

I'll show you how to Whitelist my emails so you aren't missing out by following the simple steps below. 


In your Gmail inbox, find any of my emails (from Najee Kelley or Mogul Body) and just drag it to the “Primary” tab at the top of your inbox.

Mogul Body Whitelist

They may ask do you want all future emails from "Najee Kelley "or "Mogul Body" to go to the Primary folder, you select Yes. After that, my emails should go right to your Primary folder! If you notice any others going to your Promotions or Spam folders, just do the same dragging process, which will teach Gmail that you want them to go right to Primary.

Yahoo Mail

Open any of our emails. Then hover over our sender name (from Najee Kelley or Mogul Body) and click the three dots in the bottom left of the popover window. Then click “Add to Contacts” and confirm that our information is auto-filled. Finally, click “Save.”


It should be a similar process if you're using any other service provider.